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Suddenly Ahead Ahead 

RGS 9483


'Verse and vocal parts in general are crafted with somewhat of a laid back nature, the most common approach being to underscore Scott's vocals with a symphonic backing in the shape of floating keyboard textures or a dampened organ, in some instances also with a gentle piano motif applied. The songs containing chorus parts take on a more dramatic mannerism in those aspects, first and foremost with the guitar adding in riffs of a more dominant nature. The non-vocal parts of the songs are first and foremost the domain of Ricky Gardiner. He explores the contrast between his often darkly-tinged riffs and the lighter toned keyboards, produces guitar solos, harmonizing with the tangents, often opting for the drawn out "crying" expression on those instances, or sets off exploring riff constructions, only backed by the steady rhythms department, with resonating, staccato riffs as an expression often given an airing.' Olav Bjornsen Progressor 2010


01 Suddenly Ahead Ahead 5.00

02 So We Crash 5.23

03 Soft Umbilical Machine 5.36

04 Towers Falling 5.38

05 When You Were Rosy 5.01

06 Sad Songs 5.48

07 Dance To Me 5.49

08 Shadow Psychology 4.59


Ricky Gardiner Guitars

Virgina Scott Vox/Keys

Tom Gardiner Drums


Beggars Opera | Suddenly Ahead Ahead (Digital Download)

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