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Beggars Opera | Promise In Motion


7 new surreal art songs by Virginia Scott for Beggars Opera. Bees evokes the environmental subjects first aired in Suddenly Ahead Ahead and in the Lose a Life nano opera of 2010, plus an assortment of interesting dreamscapes taking us to the far side of Beggars Opera land.


01 Lions 6.27

02 Her Hand On Mine 8.53

03 Promise In Motion 8.04

04 The EdibleWoman 6.51

05 You Misrememebr Me 6.47

06 Bees 6.59

07 Clyde 7.47


Compossed and Peformed by:


Ricky Gardiner:Guitars

Virginia Scott: Vox/ Keys.

Tom Gardiner: Drums


RGS 9486 2011

Beggars Opera | Promise In Motion (Digital Download)

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