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10 progressive art rock songs charting the longing and needing, the reflections and nightmares, the past and future of the mind's ability to misrememeber, creeping and crawling with Ricky Gardiner's power guitar psycho horror surrealism, Virginia Scott's seductive nano tale vox, spoken word which veers boldly into a sprach gesang pitch bending eerieness, thru mellotron/piano and vintage samples, and Tom Gadriner's swift and solid drums.


01 Mrs Caligari's Lighter

02 Doris

03 The Comforter

04 Love is Just A Torrent

05 Funny Eyes

06 You Just Don't Get It

07 It's Friday Night You Know

08 You Have To Watch You Know

09 How Long Before The Machine Rusts

10 So Long


RGS 9494

Beggars Opera | Mrs Caligari's Lighter (Digital Download)

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