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All Tomorrows Thinking

RGS 9484


'All Tomorrows Thinking" is the deepest of the two, starting with "How She Swam" and rounding off with the racy "Faces In You", filled with the six-string harmonies and pure prog keyboards; in between, the sparseness takes the lead, despite all the riffs and vignettes. It's a paradox in the very spirit of the band so, while "Catching On To You" flows heavy, etching itself in a memory, in "Those Echoes", the '80s plastic pop rears its head along the glittery, if understated, melodic lines. But it's on "Suddenly Ahead Ahead" that ethereal surrealism takes over, right after the fantastic, Spanish-hued liquid guitar of the title track soars into invisibility, and if "Towers Falling" rocks the joint in bluesy vein, the tremulous "Sad Songs" booms with echoing twang of good vintage.' Dmitry Epstein 2010

Includes lyric pdf.


01  How She Swan    4.37

02 Tomorrows Thinking    5.01

03 Those Echoes    5.06 

04 Perfectly Lovely   4.50

05 Catching On To You   4.59

06 Save Me   4.56

07 Faces In You 3.17


Ricky Gardiner: Guitars
Virginia Scott: Vox/ Keys.
Tom Gardiner: Drums

Beggars Opera | All Tomorrows Thinking (Digital Download)

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