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The family of Ricky Gardiner announce studio guitar collection for sale at auction on March 5th!

The Guitar Auction specialists at Gardiner Houlgate, UK will be auctioning a selection of studio used guitars of founder and guitarist of Beggars Opera, Ricky Gardiner, at 10am on March 5th. After a long battle with Parkinson’s PSP Disease, Gardiner passed away May 2022, leaving his Kumara Studio, guitars, and cultural legacy to his family. Following an announcement on his website, the family felt that coming up to the second anniversary of his death was the right time to let go of these beautifully kept instruments.

The instruments on sale have never been gigged and only used to write more of his indelible riffs and experiments in ambient guitar work. These include works such as synth and guitar project Kumara in 1993, his instrumental piece Auschwitz (1995) marking the 50th year of liberation from the camp, post-1996 Beggars Opera albums including nano-opera ‘Lose a Life’ on Repertoire Records (2011), and his final solo work ‘Songs for the Electric’ in 2013. This presents an inspiring opportunity for buyers to take on the creativity imbued in meticulously kept studio guitars as well as the unusual cultural history.

Ricky’s collection is in good company as the auction catalogue boasts instruments from fellow progressive rock musician and original King Crimson drummer Michael Giles, 80s BBC Rockschool host Deidre Cartwright, a cartoon sketch of ‘Boris the Spider’ from The Who’s bassist John Entwistle and 1967 Fender bass owned by the latest bassist The Shadows, Mark Griffiths, a band that inspired Ricky’s playing in the early days.

You can view the catalogue and register to bid from anywhere in the world at the Gardiner Houlgate website and find Ricky’s collection sat between lot 358 to 367. Luke Hobbs, Head of Guitar dept at Gardiner Holgate says; ‘there are some really cool things here...Ricky really looked after his guitars’.


From the family:

“Since Ricky passed in May 2022, we have been organising his studio and felt it was the right time to let someone else get creative enjoyment out of his perfectly kept studio guitars.
As a family, we are just excited for the love, care and creativity Ricky brought to us to be passed on through these guitars to a lucky buyer. Good luck!”

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