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Xmas Offers: 3 Beggars Opera RGS CD's £20.00 inc p/p

Close to my Heart, Touching the Edge and Lose a Life.



3 Autographed Beggars Opera RGS CD's £26.00 inc p/p

Close to my Heart, Touching the Edge and Lose a Life.

"from the opening cosmic guitar lines of "Secret" that break into the urgent singing and on to the fantastic folk swirl of instrumental "Here Comes Everybody" there's the same sparse lushness that, in the early '70s, took them from the Victorian extravaganza of "Act One" to the "Waters Of Change" futurism.
While the new output is very modern, transcending "Apparently Uncontrolled" even fit for the trance-dancing, ambience packs a punch in the slow funk...” Dmitry Epstein 2007

Beggars Opera were a six piece classical, progressive rock band from Glasgow, Scotland who formed in 1969. Signed to Vertigo Records, they were a furiously hard working band who toured extensively in the late 60’s through to mid 70’s with, apart from the highlights of touring for a decade with practically no stopping, they were part of the Speyer Festival Germany – The Great British Rock Meeting alongside Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac and played their final show alongside the New York Doll’s at London’s infamous designer clothes shop Biba’s.

The follow up was to be Glam Figurine concept Diana Demon that was to feature mellotronist Virginia Scott on vocals and was demoed with Tony Visconti in London. DD was put on hold as guitarist Ricky Gardiner’s work with David Bowie on Low and then Iggy Pop on Lust for Life took hold at that point. Fast forward twenty odd years filled with a sudden retreat to the country, children, meditation, musical experimentation, several ambient electronic albums and solo projects later, Beggars Opera are now husband and wife team, songwriters Virginia Scott Keys and Vox and Ricky Gardiner Guitars.